Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Judith Wright Centre Media Release

written by Jane Balkin

Tuning into Serious Play

When a room of stillness turns into a wonderland of play, serious play, it challenges our notions of detail to movement, human architecture and our built environment. That's just what artists James Cunningham & Jondi Keane have set out to create, explore and do for the next fortnight in the Judith Wright Centre's new Shopfront space in Fortitude Valley's Brunswick Street. Until the end of this month, Cunningham and Keane will be busy transforming the potential of the Shopfront with an array of traditionally inanimate objects and capturing their efforts on time-lapse video. Using 40 carbon rods, 50 tape measures, 4 columns, 2 men, 12 wobble boards and 6 doors on see-saws, Cunningham and Keane will be framing the world as they see it, in stillness and constant movement.

Jondi Keane, PhD is an arts practitioner, critical thinker and Senior Lecturer at Griffith University. He has exhibited in the USA, UK, Europe and AUS and, in 1992 was a founding member of a collaborative interdisciplinary performance group with Vanessa Mafe, which continues to research performative actions in white box, black box and site-specific contexts.

James Cunningham is a choreographer, performer and co-artistic director of multimedia performance company Igneous (, collaborating primarily with multimedial artist Suzon Fuks since 1993. He has performed in Australia, Europe, the UK, Canada and India.

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