Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Invite Sent by email

Tuning Fork Performances - FREE


You are invited to Tuning Fork: Shopfront, the performance/ installation work Jondi Keane and I are presenting at the Judith Wright Centre in the shopfront space over the next 2 weeks - starting tomorrow.

It's a free event lasting 3 hours each evening (Wed-Sat 4.30-7.30pm)
audience can come and go, or stay the duration, to see actions and installations building and evolving over time, that are also projected as instantaneous time-lapse video.

2 guys investigating the aesthetic potentials of various materials in relation to the architecture, the body, and time. It's a "tuning in" to the dialogue between movement and stillness, sound and silence, human presence and the environment.

hope you can come!
warm regards,
Pix, video and text of the development can be found on the blog

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